Karean L. Chapman, award - winning author of “Who Me?
What Should I Be?”, “Look At Me... A Musician I Want To
Be!”, “Look At Me... A Veterinarian I Want To Be!”, “Look At
Me... A Chef I Want To Be!” and “The Adventures of Northern the Moose
and a Dragon Named Zeus” is a devoted mother of two daughters, Mikayla
and Shayna who are her inspiration, love and joy!

Karean L. Chapman graduated Summa Cum Laude in Visual Communications
and Digital Design. This led her to a career as a creative graphic designer
and business owner of OCDesign. (www.ocdesign.biz)

Prior to becoming a graphic designer, Karean was in the veterinary medical
profession as her love for animals is one of her many passions.
When Karean is not busy working, writing and caring for
her family, she enjoys singing, playing the guitar, and piano.