My Book “Look At Me… A Musician I Want To Be” Is Now Interactive

Posted by karean on March 22, 2013 in Books

I’m so proud to announce that my book, “Look At Me… A Musician I Want To Be!” is now interactive!! What a fun, but challenging project this was and I have to thank my amazing father, for seeing this project to completion! It’s only $1.99 so I hope you all download the App and purchase my book. My girls at ages 14 and 12 loved reading and playing with it on their iPads.

The book can be downloaded to your computer from the online store or by downloading the free “Interactive Touch Books – for Kids” App from the Apple App Store on the iPad or iPhone and buying the book from their App Store.

Enjoy this fun interactive reading experience with your cherished little one. Check it out now!


Look At Me… A Musician I Want To Be! wins in the Hollywood Book Festival!!

Posted by karean on July 7, 2011 in Books

I’m excited to receive the news about my third book, Look At Me… A Musician I Want To Be! winning honorable mention in the 2011 Hollywood Book Festival which celebrates books worthy of greater attention from the film, television, game and multimedia industries. We are looking forward to the Awards Ceremony, July 22nd at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Second, I just submitted all the completed illustrations and work for my next book, Look At Me… A Chef I Want To Be, in my career series. What a busy time it has been!! I’m looking forward to sharing this new book with you all. Thank you to those who continue to support me by purchasing my books and leaving reviews. Please leave all reviews on Amazon.com as they help bring me up the ranks in this competitive market.

Best wishes and thank you for reading :-)



Father’s Day Give Away!! Win a SpiritHood and Signed copy of Look At Me… A Veterinarian I Want To Be!

Posted by karean on June 15, 2011 in Books

Hi readers,

I have a very fun give away to announce. As most of you know my girls are actresses and have recently modeled for a great company called SpiritHoods. They have offered to give away a free SpiritHood to the winner of our Father’s Day Give Away. I am including a free signed copy of my latest book, Look At Me… A Veterinarian I Want To Be so your little one can learn how to take care of their new SpiritHoods ;-) No animals were harmed in the production of SpiritHoods. All materials are faux fur of course!

SpiritHoods connects kids in a unique and creative way to nature and animal friends. Please check the photo of my girls in their Panda SpiritHoods so you can see just how adorable these furry animal hats are. Even better this company believes in the conservation and protection of both the planet and it’s animals. They feel strongly about educating children about the environment, and empowering them with the ability to make a difference. You can read more on their website: http://spirithoodskids.com/ Most importantly they are donating a portion of their proceeds to several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation of which they call Product Blue.

In my latest book, Look At Me…A Veterinarian I Want To Be young kids will get a peak inside the career of being a Veterinarian. I felt this would be the perfect book to include in this give away as it teaches young children all about caring for animals and what they as animal owners need to do to provide the right care for their furry, feathered or scaled companion.

So what do you have to do to win these great prizes? It’s very simple. Post under my blog posting what you love most about your father. If you don’t have a father then you can post about your mother, nanny or guardian then sign up for SpiritHoods newsletters on their website: spirithoodskids.com
and “Like” their facebook page and my author facebook page.

Remember to post your comments under this blog as we will have a real live Father read and choose the best post deserving of these amazing gifts!!

Good luck to all and we will announce the winner on Monday, June 20, 2011

Author Karean, Mikayla and Shayna Chapman


Update on my Latest Book Due Out Next

Posted by karean on June 2, 2011 in Blog

It’s been some time since I’ve posted to my blog and that is because I’ve been working on my next book due out in the late summer or early fall. I keep saying this is my best book yet. I guess I’m just really passionate about these books and hope that others will feel the same passion I do when they read it to their little ones.

The latest book will be about becoming a chef! I can remember with my girls when they were toddlers breaking into the cupboards in search of the largest mixing bowls and wooden spoons to play with. Sure at first they were used as musical instruments but as they grew and observed me cooking their meals they began to mimic my motions and stir up some of the most amazing, magical, imaginative dishes of their own! I tell you they tasted delectable and were one of a kind only a young child could create! ;-)

The greatest inspiration for this book is my mother. She doesn’t consider herself a chef by any means. In fact, she repeatedly told us she hates cooking. However, the food she created is by far some of the tastiest foods we have been raised on. The first words out of my girls mouths to grandma when she comes to visit is, “what are you going to cook for us today?” Well that’s not entirely true. The first words are words of how much they love and are happy to see her. Then it’s where is the food grandma?!! They quickly put their orders in and she will spend the entire day filling them!!

Unfortunately, those amazing chef like qualities did not carry through to me. They did transpire to my brother and he is in fact a chef deep down. My mother is as well, but shhhhh don’t let her hear that because we all know she hates to cook ;-) So my mother and my brother are my inspiration for, Look At Me… A Chef I Can Be!

My illustrator has been busy all day and all night reproducing the most adorable, amazing images and characters that will bring life to the pages of this book. Even if your child doesn’t aspire to be a chef, we all need to learn to cook. I will keep you posted when the book will be available for pre-sale. This is a special one to add to your children’s picture book library and I’ve included a favorite childhood recipe from my mother that even a little one could help cook up as well as a special sweet treat from her sister that has been in our family for generations.

Eat in good health!



Giving Back!

Posted by karean on April 29, 2011 in Blog

Hi again,

Giving back is something everyone should do! Even if you don’t have the financial means to give a lot, the smallest donation and kind acts of help goes a long way to those who truly need it. This week with the help of my amazing publisher Lisa at Halo Publishing we are donating 250, Look At Me… A Musician I Want To Be! books to Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles. Hoping to inspire and bring vibrancy, hopes and dreams to these young deserving children. http://www.inner-cityarts.org/index.php

I feel that a world full of music and art can make even the saddest child happy. Who doesn’t love music? Who doesn’t love colors and pictures? Even as an adult when I flip through the pages of a picture book with my daughters I can’t help but smile and take in all the beauty of the images on the page. The story is the icing on the cake. It warms my heart that we are able to bring just a little bit of this joy to some children that may not otherwise have the means or opportunity to easily enjoy. A book for most of us is an every day item, but to these children they are a luxury not easily gotten.

Remember to always give back when you can :-)

Have a fabulous weekend!!


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